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Humanoid Robotics Internship Programme @ 12 days
Summer 2012

Join students from across the country for the Robosoft Systems Summer Internship Program. its
an intensive 12 day program for talented undergraduate students who want to learn about Bipeds
and Humanoids. For the first time in India get a chance to work on the Bioloid Premium Kit.
You will have the opportuinity to participate in state of the art research projects, interact with a
diverse research team and be mentored by actual designers

Course Details:

This year's Internship is primarily based on walking Robots. The internship program will last
12 days and will be divided into two phases. in the first phase we will be focusing on developing
a Biped Robot based on Arduino platform using 4 servo motors.


BIPED Robotics :

· Rduino – Introduction to Arduino Open Source H/w and Software  Interface
· Biped – Understanding Concept, Design and Construction
· Controlling Servos using Servo-Controller Shield
· Generating Basic Motions
· Wireless Guided Biped

In the second phase students will get an opportuinity to lay their hands on an 18DOF Bioloid Premium Humanoid Kit, focusing on designing and implementing various motion based algorithms.



HUMANOID Robotics :

· Introduction to Humanoids – Concepts;
Mechanics, Electronics & Software
· Building tasks through programming
· Introduction to Digital Servos;
Interfacing and Controlling Servos
· Motion Planning and building
· Stabilizing motion using Sensor Input
and Servo feedback
· Implementing Autonomous Humanoid
· Implementing Simultaneous Wireless
Controlled Motion planning
· Fun motions and Sensor Logics


• Basic Knowledge of C programming
• Basic Exposure to microcontrollers and basic electronics

Target Audience:

• Final/pre-final/ Second year students of B.E/B.Tech/ME/B.Sc/M.Sc
• Embedded system enthusiasts (undergrads, pass-outs)


• 4 hours/day , (12 Day Program), Batches in May, June, July

• 1st Batch starting in End of May


• Internship Certificate for all those attending


• INR 13500/- per student with takeaway BIPED Robot Kit or INR 7500/- without Kit

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