- Educational Robotics - Training - Embedded Systems Training

PG Diploma in Embedded Systems

Course Modules

C Programming (1 Week)
Overview of C
Arrays and Strings
Pointers overview
Functions & Structures

8 bit Microcontroller Architecture (1 Week)

8051 Architecture overview
P89C51RD2 Peripheral Overview
UART Overview
I2C Overview
SPI Overview

Embedded C – Basic (1 Week)
Introduction to KEIL IDE
Writing a Hello World Program
Interfacing Led’s
Interfacing an 16x2 LCD
UART Interface
DS1302 RTC Interface
24C64 EEPROM Interface

Embedded C – Advanced (1 Week)

Time Triggered Architecture for single processor systems
Time Triggered Architecture for multi processor systems
ADC Interface
PID Controller

32 bit ARM7 Architecture (1 Week)

ARM7 Architecture overview
LPC2119 Peripheral Overview
Introduction to Olimex ARM7 Board
Introduction to Embest ARM7 Board

C Programming for ARM7 (1 Week)

GPIO Interface
UART Interface
16x2 LCD Interface
ADC Interface
Graphic LCD Interface

Introduction to RTOS (2 Week)
Basic RTOS Concepts
Advanced RTOS Concepts
Introduction to MicroC/OS-II
Introduction to uClinux

Porting an OS on ARM7 Microcontroller (1 Week)

Porting MicroC/OS-II on Samsung S3CEV40 Board
Developing Applications for MicroC/OS-II
Porting uClinux on Samsung S3CEV40 Board
Developing Applications for uClinux

Introduction to DSP (2 Week)
Fundamentals of DSP
Digital Filters
Applications of DSP

Real – Time DSP using the TI TMS320C6713 DSK (1 Week)

Introduction to Matlab & Simulink
Introduction to Code Composer studio
Introduction to DSP/BIOS RTOS
Implementation of FIR, IIR, FFT etc on C6713 Board

Industry Standard Projects (4 Weeks)

ARM7 based DAS
ARM7 based MP3 player
DTMF Detection using Correlation
Speech synthesis using linear prediction of speech signals
Encryption using the Data Encryption standard algorithm
Internet Control of Mobile Robot
Surveillance Robot Design using Matlab
IO Control using Bluetooth
Microcontroller based home automation system using internet
Automated wheelchair for the handicapped
Office attendance monitoring system using RFID
And Many Many More…………