Color LCD Shield

Color LCD Shield

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The Color LCD Shield provides an easy method of connecting the popular Nokia 6100 LCD to your Arduino. The board comes as shown with the 128x128 mini color LCD, as well as a backlight driver circuit (boosts to 7V), and five way Joystick as shown in the pic.

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The Nokia 6100 LCD is controlled through a 9-bit SPI interface. The control pins of the LCD are connected to the hardware SPI pins of the Arduino (D13 -SCK, D11 - DIO), the CS pin is tied to D9 and the reset pin is connected to D8. Voltage from the '5V' pin of the Arduino is boosted to 7V to power the LCD backlight.

This is a color LCD & Joystick shield board for Arduino, which has unique features:

Use popular Nokia 6610 LCD, 4K color and 128x128 pixels .
Directly plug into the Arduino board
Has a 5-direction Joystick.
Supplied with fully functional Arduino library & demo application sketch

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