(RETIRED) High Speed RF PRO - CC2500 Wireless Module - Series 2

(RETIRED) High Speed RF PRO - CC2500 Wireless Module - Series 2

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RETIRED - Replaced by
High Speed RF PRO - CC2500 Wireless Module - V 4.3

This High Speed CC2500 Based Wireless module is a plug and play replacement for the wired Serial Port (UART) supporting baud rates upto 38400. This CC2500 based Wireless module allow engineers of all skill levels to quickly and cost-effectively add wireless capabilities to virtually any product. More details and tutorials of this module are available in the resources section.

It is not compatible with older RFpro modules. This Module which is in Red color is not compatible with older Blue or Green Modules

RFpro Module - how to use v4.pdf (2100 Kb)updated on 1.1.10
CC2500 Module Setup (10218 Kb)updated on 24.9.09

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1) Baud Rate: 38400. Serial UART Mode
2) Packet Length: Variable (0 to 40) or Fixed (1 packet).
3) 60+ meters range Line of Sight / 30 meters range indoors
4)Multiple channel selection enabling upto 255 different pairs to work in the same area
5)Modes of operation: Config mode and Run mode.
6) Onboard jumper Setting for Config/Run Mode and Packet/Byte Mode.
7) Direct Replacement for wired Serial Cable for and serial communication
8) Working with CC2500 Wireless Transceiver module

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