Dual TSOP Sensor module

Dual TSOP Sensor module

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The TSOP-OBSD–Dual is a general purpose proximity sensor. Here we use it for collision detection. The module consist of two IR emitter and TSOP receiver pairs. One for obstacles on left, and the other for right. The high precision TSOP receiver detects a signal of fixed frequency.

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The module consists of 555 IC, working in astable multivibrator configuration. The output of TSOP is high whenever it receives a fixed frequency of 38KHz and low otherwise. The on-board LED indicator helps user to check status of the sensor without using any additional hardware. The power consumption of this module is low. It gives a digital output and false detection due ambient light is low.
 •  Allows your robot to detect obstacles in two directions.
 •  Typical Maximum Range :20cm .
 •  Modulated IR transmitter to avoid any interference .
 •  Calibration preset for range adjustment.
 •  Indicator LED with 3 pin easy interface connector.
For more details download the User Manual

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