Single TSOP Sensor module

Single TSOP Sensor module

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The TSOP-OBSD–Single is a general purpose proximity sensor. Here we use it for collision detection. The module consist of a IR emitter and TSOP receiver pair. The high precision TSOP receiver always detects a signal of fixed frequency. Due to this, errors due to false detection of ambient light are significantly reduced.

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The module consists of 555 IC, working in astable multivibrator configuration. The output of TSOP is high whenever it receives a fixed frequency and low otherwise. The on-board LED indicator helps user to check status of the sensor without using any additional hardware. The power consumption of this module is low. It gives a digital output and false detection due ambient light is low.

 •  Allows your robot to detect obstacles.
 •  Typical Maximum Range :20cm .
 •  Modulated IR transmitter to avoid any interference .
 •  Calibration preset for range adjustment.
 •  Indicator LED with 3 pin easy interface connector.


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